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Terry Farrell as Jadzia DaxThanks to Dreamwatch Magazine May 1998 Issue/Paul Simpson
Character Development for Dax in Season Six so far: “It’s been very light, actually...I think that the only two episodes where I was particularly heavy, apart from, obviously, the Worf stuff, was my Wedding and another one where Worf and I go on a mission and I almost die." (“Change of Heart”).

Married....with Worf : “I think there’s a softer side to Dax, now she married, although punching Sirella (“You are Cordially invited...”) out probably wasn’t her softer side."

Whose idea was it to marry Worf? Jadzia’s or Dax’s? “(pause)....Good question. I would think it’s Jadzia. I think Dax is probably wise enough to let Jadzia live her own life. That’s part of the whole process that she went through in “Facets”. She learned that she had to live her own life.”

Married Starfleet Professionals: “The interesting thing is, which I like very much about the relationship with Worf and (the producers) have done when they write it: when Worf and Dax are working together, we can be professionals, and we can separate our home from our work. I think that's the only reason that that marriage works on the show, because you don't get this feeling of ‘Here they come again, getting all smoochy and goofy'. For a lot of episodes, we might glance at each other, but they might not even use the shot where we've looked at each other, not necessarily in a romantic way, but in a camaraderie of ‘Did you hear that?'"

What did Terry think of that scene between Odo and Kira in “His Way”? “I had to see the kissing scene....And I went ‘Aargh!' and ran down the hallway when they went ‘cut'. Nobody wanted to watch that. I know some fans are excited about that but it's just weird for us as actors. I'm just glad I don't have to kiss Quark. Much as I love Armin Shimerman, I do not want to kiss him.”

What does Jadzia see in Worf anyway? “I don't know....Honestly, without having to make up some kind of elaborate thing, it's just like it's there. I've gone through interviews where I've tried to intellectualise it, but simply, they wanted to do it. I don't know how it makes sense for them. Just because I have a Klingon past with Curzon in my life: I don't know.”

Bye Bye Jadzia Dax : “This is the end of my contract. For six years, I've had it in my mind that that's it. It's lovely that they're saying, ‘Oh, we want you to stay', and there's nothing more flattering than that. It makes you feel so much better. Everyone here is saying, ‘Oh, they'll work it out', which of course is exactly what you want to hear. But ultimately I feel that I'll win either way.”

“I've had an extraordinary experience. I've grown so much as a person, and to have the luck, the fortunate thing of getting a show, and having six years. No matter what show it is, to work with the same people for six years is so rare for actors. I'm so fortunate to have had that, and I'm so grateful, because I've grown up so much.”

If Terry could time-travel back to the time “Emissary” was shooting, what advice would she give to her younger self? “My self esteem at that point, because of other stuff that had happened in my life at that point, was very low, and so I guess the only thing that I would tell myself, and I was trying to at the time, was `face your fears. You can only build your self esteem on your own.' Even when you know that, it's still really hard. That's where I was at, and I was twenty eight years old. It’s not a rare place for a twenty eight year old be, but I just feel grateful. I'm sorry if this sounds mushy, but I'm so grateful that this is where I'm at right now at 34. God willing, when I'm 44, I'll look back at this moment and think, ‘Gosh, look how much I've grown. I cannot believe it.’”

Life after DS9 : “It feels like the beginning again. It feels like when I left New York when I seventeen, and I didn’t know what's ahead excited about what its going to be. You can't possibly see over the hill.”

“I hope that what I do is something that people are going to watch, and they'll enjoy it. It doesn't really matter what medium it is, as long as it's good. I've never tried theatre so I'd love to try that. But at the moment, we've got pilot season, and it's a really heavy season for movies in television, so I think it’s more throwing it up and seeing where it lands. Instead of wishing too hard for something you’re not meant to have, see what comes to you.”

Point of no Return : “ of the last conversation (with Paramount), no I'm not coming back. If there's a conversation, then, as they say, it ain't over till the fat lady sings, but the fat lady has got to get the songbook that I like to hear.” (DS9’s Executive Producer Ira Steven Behr has confirmed that Terry is leaving the show, and she will be making her last appearance on DS9 in the sixth season finale, “Tears of the Prophets”).

“I never thought I’d feel so good about doing this. I win either way.”


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